Contributors to Aught, No. 6 (2001)

Bill Freind has work published or forthcoming in Combo, VeRT, The East Village, Lipstick Eleven and others. His chapbook An Anthology was published by housepress in 2000.

Christopher Mulrooney:  b. 1956 Athens, Georgia.  Poetry, fiction & translations in The Pixel Papers, Illya´s Honey, Flashpoint, The Poet´s Cut, Unlikely Stories, Baker Street Irregular, etc.

Louis Armand's poetry, essays and short prose have appeared in numerous journals internationally, including Sulfur, Meanjin, Heat, Antipodes, Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Review and Stand, as well as in the literary anthologies Infernal Cinders (Kangaroo, 1993), The Zone (UNEASA, 1994), Catalyst (Folio, 2000) and Calyx: 30 Contemporary Australian Poets (Paper Bark Press, 2000). Publications include Seances (Twisted Spoon Press, 1998), The Viconian Paramour (x-poezie, 1998), Anatomy Lessons (x-poezie, 1999), Erosions (Vagabond Press, 1999), Synopticon (with John Kinsella: Mudlark, 2000), Land Partition (Antigen Press, 2000), Inexorable Weather (forthcoming) and The Garden (a volume of experimental prose; forthcoming). In 1997 he was awarded the Penola Festival's Max Harris Prize for Poetry (Adelaide), and recently he was awarded the Nassau Review Prize for Best Poem, 2000 (New York). Since 1994 he has lived and worked in Prague, in the Czech Republic, where he currently lectures on literary theory & art history in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University and at the University of New York, Prague. He is the editor of a literary broadsheet, PLASTIC (SEMTEXT), a member of the editorial board of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge and Strange Attractions, and poetry editor of The Prague Revue.

A Professor of English at CUNY-LaGuardia, Thomas Fink is the author of two books of poetry, SURPRISE VISIT (Domestic Press, 1993) and the forthcoming GOSSIP (Marsh Hawk Press), as well as 2 books of criticism from Fairleigh Dickinson: UP, THE POETRY OF DAVID SHAPIRO (1993) and the forthcoming "A DIFFERENT SENSE OF POWER": PROBLEMS OF COMMUNITY IN LATE TWENTIETH-CENTURY U.S. POETRY (2001). His work has appeared in POETRY NEW YORK, RAIN TAXI, PHOEBE, AMERICAN LETTERS & COMMENTARY, AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW, CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE, TALISMAN (forthcoming), and various other journals.

Andrew Shelley: born 1962, Huddersfield, West Yorks. Read English at Cambridge, did a Ph.D. on Beckett at Oxford. Gave up academia in 1993 to write poetry. Has lived and worked in Greece, Turkey and Italy. Currently drafting a fourth (unpublished) collection of poems. Articles in Essays in Criticism and Encounter. Poetry publications include Peaceworks (The Many Press, 1996) and Requiem Tree, forthcoming from Spectacular Diseases.

Derek White grew up on the west coast and in Mexico, eventually settling in Arizona where he received his Masters in physics. While trying to eke out an existence as a writer, he has since worked as a cook in South Dakota, on a film in France, as a software developer in New Hampshire, as a land surveyor in Georgia, as an exploration geologist all over North America, and currently as a technical writer for a digital music subscription service (pressplay) in New York City. For more information see .

D.J. Huppatz lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has published a wide variety of writing, including articles and reviews on contemporary art, catalogue essays, book reviews, poetry and fiction. In 1994 he became a founding member of 1st Floor, an artist-run gallery in Melbourne which focuses on collaborations between artists and writers. Out of his experience with 1st Floor he founded TEXTBASE, a collective of writers working in contemporary art spaces. TEXTBASE has produced numerous exhibitions, a journal of experimental writing and small press publications. More information online at .

Francis Raven is a freelance writer living in Olympia, Washington. Currently, he is working to relate Wittgenstein's later works and moral theory. He has been published in ZineN, Moria, Interzone, A Room Without Walls, Brown Bag Media, ShallowEnd Ezine, The Red Booth Review, and The Part-Time Postmodernist.

Neville Attkins lives with partner in London where both are teachers. His current poetical enterprise is a hypertext lipogram describing annihilation, neither of which goes well. His poetic provocation comes from dyslexia and the OULIPO.

charles tillman is a 26 yr old, multi-racial, high school dropout street punk who has been published in art 'zine PSEUDO. featured on spokenword compilation "WORD DEBRIS". self published 5 books of experimental writing and has commited much art terrorism from California to New York.

Lewis Lacook is a poet, musician and multimedia web artist originally from Lorain, Ohio. Editor of the web journal Idiolect, his poetry has appeared in Lost And Found Times, Slope, Cauldron and Net, Poethia, Friction, Caught in The Net, The Hold, 3rd Bed, Avant Garde Times, PotePoetZine, PotePoetText, Littoral West, Interweave, Black River Review, Whiskey Island, The Coventry Reader and Luna Negra, among others. Anabasis published his long poem Cling as a chapbook in early 2000, and he has collaborated with the poet Sheila E. Murphy on a book length poem entitled Beyond The Bother of Sunlight. He co-edited the first Slope New Avant Writing sampler with Ethan Paquin as part of Slope's fifth issue. A Writing Mentor at the trAce Online Writing Centre at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, he is currently fascinated with both object-oriented programming languages (C, C++. QuickBASIC, Javascript) and the possibilities of hypertext media (his hypertext X can be found at 3rd Bed). Lewis lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his fiancee Renee Vaverchak. They believe deep in their hearts that Buttercup is truly the coolest Power Puff Girl.

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